The Top Management of Mod Scooters U.K. have been doing Business in SEAsia for over 30 Years. Committed to developing Brands that are known for Quality, Good Value and a Reputation for Reliability.

During this time we have been able to understand the Asian way of conducting Business and remembering one of Rudyard Kipling’s most famous poems.

“East is East, and West is West!

And never the Twain shall meet!

Woe betide the man who tries to hurry The East”

 Learning that it is better not to rush Asian Manufacturers, to ensure your products  are finished with Care and Dependability.

That is why in the 21st century our homes are full of Quality Japanese and Chinese products.

Customer happiness is the level of loyalty and satisfaction that your customers experience after engaging with your product or team. It’s the feeling that comes from your customers having their needs met regularly, at the right time, in the right way.